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                              Mick is a very experienced          

                              plumber. With his plumbing

                              expertise, you can be sure to receive the most professional installs in the plumbing industry. We specialize in installing the all new roll-in showers and hot water heaters with pricing that's hard to beat!

                                Replace all your old deteriorated

                                cast iron soil and sewer pipes

                                with new PVC waste pipes. Also replace all of your old galvanized water pipes with new PEX or CPVC or copper pipes, which will increase your water pressure and eliminate rusted water.

                                  Clogged sinks and backed-up

                                  sewer pipes can easily be

                                  cleaned with our in-depth sewer methods. Whatever is blocking your drain can be removed with a cable or the water jet method.

                             Eliminate plumbing concerns with

                             assistance from Mick's Plumbing,

                             Located in Florissant, Mo. We can help you with the most complicated plumbing repairs at a budget friendly price.

Mick's Plumbing is a small family owned business with wife Janet & son Mick Jr.  We always take pride in quality craftsmanship.  Plumbing can be a serious matter.  It can also be a serious health hazard when a pipe bursts or raw sewage backs up.  Undoubtedly, this can be a stressful time for you. The service Mick's Plumbing provides is second-to-none. Our quality service relieves you of all the stress and doubts of wondering "Did I choose the right plumbing company?".  Our philosophy is that we do not worry about our competitors - we worry about providing outstanding service and satisfaction to you, our customers.  We are licensed, bonded and insured with twenty five (25) years of experience.....and still counting!       Mickel R. Smith Sr.

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